Falling in Love!


I never had a dog growing up however, my parents promised us a dog when my older brother turned twelve. The day finally arrived when and you guessed it NO DOG. My mother and father were very polite and said we misunderstood them when I turned twelve. I knew it just was not going to happen any time soon because my brother was four years older. However, a family friend was going on vacation and asked us to watch their standard black poodle with the original name of Blackie! I was so excited to take care of this dog and made it my mission to give Blackie the best home away from home…a doggie vacation! It was my turn to take Blackie by the leash through the dime store. I was so watchful but for a second, I turned my head and Blackie ate popcorn off the dirty floor! Of course, my mother saw what happened and I got in trouble for not being responsible. I thought what harm would this do to a dog…I eat popcorn all the time, but not from a dirty floor! The saddest day in my childhood was when Blackie had to go home. Days and then a couple of weeks passed by and I kept thinking of Blackie and realized how much I loved that dog! I began promptly to save my allowance to buy my very own dog! (Little did I know how much a pedigree cost!) My parents sat us down and told us the news that Blackie had died. At age eight my heart went to my stomach because I felt so bad that I would never see Blackie again! Dog lovers you know that deep hurt you feel! Could it have been the popcorn she ate off that dirty store floor…that is what I thought for a long time until my brother told me Blackie died from old age! Falling in love and heartbreak over Blackie still tugs at my heart after all these years have passed. But now I get to enjoy Judy’s dogs because she brings Montana and Dakota to work every day. Every Monday is “French Fry Monday” from McDonalds. They love them and sit pretty for their weekly treat. The joy I see in their eyes brings back fond memories as a child and my love for dogs! (Of course, that is not the only treat they get from us!)