Vegan or Genuine Leather?

Vegan leather, faux leather or PU leather are all the same product because they are made of synthetic man-made material with an emphasis on plastics. The photo attached is PU synthetic leather. The buzz word that is trending in the market place is “Vegan Leather”. On a positive note, vegan leather can be much less expensive than real leather. This man-made material can be thin which can be punctured or even peel and crack. Most vegan leather paints liquid polyurethane onto a fabric to give a nice leather look and feel. I must say manufactures have profected this process. The other major factor with vegan leather involves no animals in any capacity. Traditional leather which is a favorite to many and is more durability than vegan leather. It is less likely to crack or tear and will soften with age. Despite the common misconception that traditional leather is harmful to the environment. It is less toxic than vegan leather which are petroleum-based products. The other reason why traditional leather has less of an impact on the environment is due to its long-life span. That means it’s less likely to end up in a landfill compared to its cheaper short-lived counterpart. The choice is yours…however, we like to purchase quality not quantity for a minimal life style…the old saying less is more!