The roller coaster of events began with our contact buyer no longer working for Henri Bendel. Emails began with a new buyer who had no record of us even being at the Open Call let alone being accepted! Could this really be happening? Will this roller coaster never end? So, we began what seemed like endless emails to convince the new buyer our handbags were just the perfect fit for Bendel’s. The new buyer was eager to hear and help with our troubling situation. She invited us to come to NYC and bring a sampling of our collection. We were delighted and eager, so we were on our way back to New York City. Off the plane and onto the meeting knowing that this buyer controlled our destiny. It felt like the Open Call situation all over again with a bundle of nerves mixed with excitement! We were so thankful she loved our collection and set up a time to do our first trunk show in April. Finally, a date, excited… you bet! Oh no, two weeks before the trunk show the buyer left. Thank goodness on her voice mail she left a message to contact her assistant. Yes, we were going to NYC for sure! Discover what happened next, another roller coaster ride or success? What is your prediction…?