KINDNESS an action WE all NEED!!!


As we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas in the previous blog let us think of others and how to bring simple acts of kindness during this holiday season!

#1 Your car blinker is on while getting ready to merge onto the freeway, the driver behind you slows down or moves over into the next lane. Please wave to that driver as a form of thank you!

#2 Hold the door open for someone who is entering a store behind you.

#3 A smile goes a long way as well as a please and thank you!

#4 Send a holiday greeting to someone you will not see this holiday season.

#5 You are in the grocery line with a full cart, and you notice the person behind you only has a few items. Ask the person if they would like to check out in front of you. A smile and thank you for sure will come your way!

#6 Going to the grocery store check in on an elderly neighbor to see if they need any items…especially if a snowstorm is approaching!

#7 Give up your seat on a bus or train to an elderly person.

Please add to our kindness list. We never get tired of reading how you spread kindness this holiday!