Chicago Here We Come

We borrowed a family van and loaded it to the ceiling with our handbag collection and headed to Chicago for our next show!  Packing up the van was a skill in itself because it was raining hard in Cleveland. We pulled the car up to the door under the overhang to make it easier to load. The van was packed with product leaving little space for anything else! As the saying goes, we brought everything but the kitchen sink!! While we were loading one of our clients from our nonprofit H.O.P.E. was struggling with a life issue and we needed to stop and help her. H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Other People Everyday and that is what we try and do! The travel time from Cleveland to Chicago is roughly about six hours by car. The hours flew by because the conversation never ended until we arrived at the loading dock in Chicago. Dollies were loaded with handbags as we headed to our booth to display our collection. We love doing shows and meeting new clients however, we discovered after walking the showroom our price point was too high end for this show. Sadly, we knew this would be our only show in Chicago because of limited sales. Where will we go next in hopes of expanding our line? Read our next blog to find out!