Pier 94

Back to NYC we would go at least a couple times a year to shows at the Javits Center or the Pier. We had our most memorable show at the Pier. It all began while working with a new client and we heard some commotion in another booth. We thought we heard FIRE…FIRE…GET OUT! I immediately stepped out of our booth to investigate and was shocked to see flames shooting from another booth in the same aisle! Could this really be happening? Then the smell of smoke hit our section! We quickly grabbed our personal items and followed the direction of the security police. We waited several hours outside before we were informed about the situation. Reentering the building was not an option due to safety. What??? We wondered if our product was ruined from the smoke or if we could resume the show tomorrow. This was our best show yet with custom orders and it ended abruptly with the closure of the show. Luckily, we were able to pack up our product and ship back to Cleveland without any damage! All ended well, we were safe as well as our product and we got to spend another wonderful day in NYC, the city we love!