Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Yes Indeed!!!

Here is our story…Judy and Peggy embarked on their handbag journey during their midlife years conquering many challenges along their way. If you have the desire to succeed and not be afraid of hard work and making mistakes your dreams can become a reality. That is exactly what this dynamic duo did. Judy led the way with a richness of knowledge in the business world while Peggy had various skills relating to her career as a fourth-grade teacher. Together they started to design handbags from the finest exotic skins with simple lines that appeal to women of any age. The next step was to find a quality manufacturer, after many sample handbags we found several that matched the quality we expected, W. H. Petronela handbag collection was set into motion. The next challenge was how to market the handbags. Watch for the next blog which will include Henri Bendel’s New York connection.