The Hobo Bag

Handbags are a fashion statement that every woman should have in their closet. Generally, the purpose of a handbag is to make it easy for you to carry all your daily essentials and for dressing up or adding a special accent to your outfit. It is important to select the type of handbag to match the outfit and occasion. For instance, if you are going on a formal date, you would carry a clutch for a more elegant appearance. Remember there are a variety of styles available for every occasion and style preferences and it is up to you to make that personal choice. The first bag I would like to discuss is in the top five styles for 2022 which is a personal favorite of mine, the “HOBO”. Hobo bags are basically a shoulder bag with a particular silhouette. They are well known for their roomy practicality and chic aesthetic. Typically, this kind of bag is slouchy with a single handle and curved zip fastening that makes it secure for traveling which I love! However, there are other variations that may have two handles and fasten with a press stud or magnet. The “HOBO” is my go-to bag when I wear jeans and complete weekly errands. Grab and go is my style!