Christmas Traditions!

Since we are now in the Christmas season, we want to share some holiday traditions. Decorating for the holidays is fun but also very time consuming. However, when decorating my 12’ live Christmas tree I pop open a bottle of champagne and before you know it the tree sparkles with beauty. It certainly puts the “SPIRIT” into the holiday season! While setting the holiday table I love to have favors for everyone, an envelope is placed at each place setting enclosed with lottery tickets and a lucky penny to scratch off the instant lottery tickets. Everyone yells out how much they won and the person who has the largest dollar amount gets everyone’s winning jackpot. Fun is had by all especially the jackpot winner! The final tradition has to do with a special table setting in memory of all our loved ones that are no longer with us. We love sharing the old stories of their lives and have their memories continued to be shared with the next generation. May you have a blessed Christmas and share your special holiday tradition with us…we would love to read about it!